About Us

Since 1996, we’ve crafted smart investment strategies centered on risk management and delivered through transparent communication.

The Sage Philosophy

We believe in purpose-driven investment solutions: Just as the lives of each of our clients are different, so are the reasons they invest. We seek to deliver solutions and services designed to help them understand and efficiently accomplish their unique goals. Clients don’t invest just to beat a benchmark or outperform others. They do so because they have a specific objective or utility for their money. It’s our job to manage that.

We believe in simplicity, liquidity and transparency: Three words, powerful impact. We offer an unwavering focus on our investment philosophy and management process, and leverage instruments to execute sound strategies — primarily cash bonds and highly liquid ETFs. What’s more, we consistently share thought leadership with partners and clients.

We believe in taking a risk-conscious approach: By first assessing the worst-case scenarios from our clients’ perspectives, we can craft an investment strategy that’s easier to adhere to — because it’s rooted in a pragmatic, risk-conscious approach. We understand and appreciate the impact that volatility has on our clients’ investments, and their well-being. Managing that instability is at the forefront of our investment decisions.

We believe in keeping our clients well informed: Our commitment to effective communication and education also has a pragmatic purpose. The more a client knows, the more he or she can stay on plan during volatile and uncertain market environments. We have a rich talent pool of professionals committed to sharing their expertise. They solve problems, then share their perspectives to deepen understanding.

Sustainable Investing Mission

Sustainable investing is a proactive investment approach that requires a more comprehensive and forward looking assessment of risk that goes beyond traditional financial statement analysis. To be done well it needs to be supported by the ability to analyze material environmental, social and governance factors that can affect a company’s near and long-term performance.

We believe sustainable investing is a way for clients to achieve greater potential returns while doing good from a global and societal perspective. We believe that the most compelling investment solutions are those that combine institutional quality ESG research with comprehensive fundamental and quantitative analysis, portfolio construction, and asset management capabilities. We believe that ESG analysis should not be regarded as a substitute for traditional investment analysis but rather a powerful enhancement to it.

Our mission is to deliver sustainable investment strategies that incorporate a holistic approach to incorporating ESG principals, sound fundamental analysis, and active risk mitigation.

Sage Professionals

Our firm of skilled professionals have decades of collective experience. Not only are they experts in their field, they’re genuinely dedicated to the clients that they serve. This commitment shows in every interaction, every day.

Important Fund Information:

Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the Sage ESG Intermediate Credit ETF. This and other important information about the Fund is contained in the prospectus, which can be obtained by calling 888-724-3911. The prospectus should be read carefully before investing. The Fund is distributed by Northern Lights Distributors, LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC. Sage Advisory Services LTD Co. and Northern Lights Distributors, LLC are not affiliated.

Investing involves risk including possible loss of principal. There is no guarantee that the Fund will achieve its objectives. The Fund generally will invest at least 80% of its total assets in the component securities of the SAGE ESG Credit Index (the “Index”). The Index consists of corporate bonds selected from the Barclays Capital U.S. Intermediate Credit Bond Index that meet Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria. The ESG investment strategy limits the types and number of investment opportunities available and, as a result, the strategy may underperform other strategies that do not have an ESG focus.

Investing involves risk including possible loss of principal. There is no guarantee that the Fund will achieve its objectives.

ETF shares are not redeemable with the issuing fund other than in large Creation Unit aggregations. Instead, investors must buy or sell ETF Shares in the secondary market with the assistance of a stockbroker. In doing so, the investor may incur brokerage commissions and may pay more than net asset value (“NAV”) when buying and receive less than NAV when selling. The NAV of the Fund’s shares is calculated each day the national securities exchanges are open for trading, normally 4:00 p.m. Eastern time. Shares are bought and sold at market price (closing price) not NAV. Market price returns are based on the midpoint of the bid/ask spread at 4:00 pm Eastern Time (when NAV is normally determined for most ETFs) and do not represent the returns you would receive if you traded shares at other times.